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Address: National Highway, Barangay Macabling, City Of Santa Rosa, Laguna
Telephone Nos. (049) 8372811
Fax No. (049) 8372809

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Interment Services

It refers to the placing of body, bone sets, or urns in a designated grave.

Interment for Premium Single Niche
Prior to any interments, the following are the requirements which should be complied by the families of the departed:
  • Full Payment of the Lot (or in case of Garden or Family Estates, required percentage of payment should be paid)

  • Interment Fee must be fully paid in CASH atleast two (2) days before the date of interment

  • Authorization letter signed by the lot owner indicating the name of the representative whom the lot owner/s desire to appoint as his/her representative and the name of the deceased person to be interred.

  • Authorization letter signed by the immediate relative (follow hierarchy) giving consent to the interment

  • Document to show proof of relationship (marriage contract or birth certificate)

  • Affidavit of Discrepancy (if the documents presented have inconsistencies)

  • Interview sheet signed by the authorized interviewee

  • Certified True Copy of the Death Certificate (with Registry Number).

  • Affidavit of Discrepancy (if the Death Certificate has erroneous information)

  • Burial permit (to be secured from the Santa Rosa City Hall)

  • Transfer Permit (if the remains will come from other places other than Santa Rosa)

  • Affidavit if the urn will not come from any ossuary or cemetery

Other than the foregoing, these are the additional requirements needed if the deceased is our client who is covered by our Credit Life Insurance):
  • Certification coming from the attending Physician.

  • Certificate of Claimants

  • Client's copy of birth certificate (to further establish the client's age)

  • Certified true copy of Death Certificate

Other Services
Centennial Garden Memorial Park ties up with Phoenix Memorial Chapels and Crematory which is adjacent to the Park. It offers an economical alternative of parting with loved ones.

Phoenix is a state-of-the-art memorial chapel, embalming and crematory facility. Its chapels are elegantly designed and project a hotel like atmosphere, a perfect and soothing distraction from the sorrow of the passing of loves one. This fully air-conditioned facility has round-the-clock well-trained counseling staff and FuneralDirectors who are just a phone call away to assist the bereaved family in the proper and most convenient approach in selecting available memorial services. Private viewing areas are provided for family and friends for observing actual embalming and cremation, ensuring the dignity of their loved ones' earthly remains. It also offers beautiful imported urns made of wood, marble, bronze and steel that comes in different sizes. These can be placed in exquisite crypts, situated in the park.

Southstate Construction, Inc. offers a guaranteed fast construction service designed with elegance and beauty ade to stand the test of time.

Services are guaranteed:

  1. Responsive to construction needs of niches and mausoleums.

  2. Master Planning

  3. Featured designs

  4. Landscaping archit