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Address: National Highway, Barangay Macabling, City Of Santa Rosa, Laguna
Telephone Nos. (049) 8372811
Fax No. (049) 8372809

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A family's closeness and reputation are measured not only by the way they treat one another but also the way they honor their departed.

Welcome to the Centennial Garden!

A state-of-the-art but affordable Memorial Park south of Metro Manila where the famed Greek's legacy in the arts is perfectly blended with the Orient's culture and family tradition.

Conveniently located away from the noisy and busy streets of Metro Manila, the Centennial Garden in Sta. Rosa City is an ideal place for a serene reconnection with your loved ones anytime of the day and suitable for a family gathering especially during the traditional All Souls Day.

The Centennial Garden is nestled on verdant natural surroundings but is bordered by hallmarks and a touch of modern architecture that exude an aura of comfort, serenity and beauty.

Of course, we are aware and in fact, very sensitive on each and everyone's specific needs and distinct taste. That is why we always make it a point that you would always be consulted from the moment you invest and part of the investment package is modern and comfortable facilities for visitors, 24/7 security, and regular professional service maintenance. So it's like leaving all your worries to us.

But with the investment rate we are having now, what we worry is that you may lose this opportunity anytime soon.

So come and consult, or visit us to see for yourself!

A remarkable inheritance that you can pass on throughout generations!